Arica Nativa is a film festival of beautiful features that aspire to make new generations falling in love with preservation of natural and cultural treasures of our planet.

Arica Nativa is one of the main projects of the Altiplano Foundation, a non-profit organization which accompanies and supports Andean and rural communities in need of natural and cultural heritage conservation, as a way to achieve sustainable development in our community.

The first edition of Arica Nativa was in October 2006, in the municipal theater of Arica. The festival was born as a “Festival of all rural films”, without distinction of genres and audiovisual categories, calling all audiovisual creators with the slogan “Get out of the city!

Arica Nativa was born in connection to the heritage conservation work of the Altiplano Foundation, in the Andean communities of the Arica and Parinacota region, by its directors Magdalena Pereira and Cristian Heinsen, along with expert’s restorers such as: Mariano Cutipa, Hernán Mamani and Telmo Saráuz, and the Andean communicator Carlos Núñez Sosa. Arica Nativa started during audiovisual workshops created for young students of Arica, with the intention to get to know them and captivate them with the natural treasures of the Andean communities in the region.

During its journey, Arica Nativa has grown and learned a lot, thanks to the friendship and support of people and organizations that share the same passion for beautiful films and sustainable conservation. The most relevant partners that we have are the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage, Municipalities of Arica and Camarones, Imagine Native Festival, Bolivia Lab, Viña del Mar Film Festival, Lebu Film Festival, the Network of Chilean Film Festivals and Red Native of the European Film Market Berlinale.

In 2019, Arica Nativa commemorates 14 editions, consolidating itself as an original festival, aspiring to be an exemplary instance of creation and influence in the South Andean area of America, home of the ancestral cultures that must lead a happier sustainable development of the planet.

Every year, the Arica Nativa Film Festival is organized and implemented by a team of professionals, volunteers and friends with high collaborating motivation, who share the same passion for culture, beautiful films, creation and sustainable conservation. Click here to know the team.